Bunker tours adults / families

Our bunker tours are always more than just a walk through a room made

of concrete and steel.

We take you on an exciting, often breathtaking journeyto the days and nights of the

2. world war.

Germany's darkest time.

How do the gray giants appear in German cities, and when? Who built it and how much suffering was associated with the greatest civil construction project in human history? How did the bunker infrastructure work? Who was allowed to seek protection in the bunkers?

Did people and families actually live in the Aachen bunkers after the war? Who, how long and why? Join us on a truly breathtaking journey back to the time between 1923 and 1956. A journey full of story that will keep you busy for a long time in your sleep.

Bunker tours for students 

An incredibly touching, exciting journey to the Aachen of 1944 in the middle of the battle for Aachen. Who can explain this cruel time better than the people who actually experienced these terrible hours?

Our tour guides are only the voices of the often deceased, but partly still living witnesses of fury and horror that must never be forgotten.

Follow us to an at this days in `44  dying imperial city ...

Together with the Education Office of the City of Aachen, we are preparing tours specially tailored to schoolchildren and corresponding to the curriculum of the state of North Rhine-Westphalia and will be offering them here soon. If you have any questions about school / group tours, please contact us.